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Ray Parlour Interview

Exclusive Interview with Ray Parlour: Wenger dropped me because I headbutted a bar

In an exclusive interview with LuckyBlock.com, Ray Parlour revealed that he was once dropped by Arsene Wenger for headbutting a bar during a boozy pub session.

The ex-Arsenal star also reminisced about asking Wenger to give his shirt number to Cesc Fabregas. Parlour went on to reveal which Arsenal kit he dislikes most and why Granit Xhaka quit the Gunners for Bayer Leverkusen.

Wenger dropped me because I headbutted a bar 

Ray Parlour admitted that he was dropped by Arsene Wenger after a drinking session got out of hand and ended with him headbutting a bar;

Ray Parlour: “He [Wenger] wasn’t the sort of man to fall out with really. He’d leave you out though. I remember I got left out once because I think I went over the top a little bit in the week. I remember I headbutted a bar, believe it or not. I got tangled up in the stool, somehow headbutted the bar and he found out about it. He left me out for a game or so but he was such a nice man and he would always try to do the best for you. You’d run through a brick wall for him but I could argue I’d do it for any manager because I wanted Arsenal to be the best team they could be and I was an Arsenal fan.”

I told Wenger to give my shirt number to wonderkid

A prodigious young talent by the name of Cesc Fabregas was coming up through the ranks at Arsenal just as Parlour was coming to the end of his 15-year spell at the club;

Ray Parlour: “I thought, I’ve only got a couple more years left because my knee was not very good at that time. So I took a chance and went to Middlesbrough. But I always remember the story when I said ‘boss, you’ve got this great kid coming through the ranks, Fabregas. He replied ‘rest for a while, he’s going to take your position.’ And I said to him, ‘make sure he gets my number when I leave. And he kept to his word, obviously Fabregas got my number when I left, number 15.”

Arteta’s decision in summer could now cost them the title

Granit Xhaka had an outstanding season last year but left to join Bayer Leverkusen in the summer and Parlour thinks Mikel Arteta has yet to replace the Swiss international adequately;

Ray Parlour: “Yeah I definitely agree with that [Xhaka has been missed]. But, it was a situation in his life where he wanted to go back to Germany. I think he wanted a five year contract at Arsenal, which they don’t give out at that sort of age. Some players come and go and you just have to get on with the players you’ve got. And don’t get me wrong he probably played a big part last season in the team but you have to move on.”

Parlour reckons Puma made the worst Arsenal kit ever

Parlour has previously stated that the famous ‘bruised banana’ kit of 1992 is his favourite Arsenal shirt but had no such affection for Puma’s 2014/15 third kit, which featured diagonal stripes in dark and sky blue with yellow edging;

Ray Parlour: “Puma made some good kits back in their day, but they had some bad ones as well. Some shockers. Do you know what always sticks out in my mind? It was the third kit in 2014/15. It was a light blue one. That wasn’t a great kit at all. I always played in decent kits. The gold Nike one that we won the Premier League at Old Trafford in was always a special one. I’ve still got a few at home. You always try to keep the best ones.”