Online Plinko Strategy, History, & Game Mechanics

July 31, 2023
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One of the most well-known casino games is Plinko. Introduced on The Price is Right, Plinko is a crypto casino game where a player drops a chip at the top of a triangular board and watches it fall into its corresponding prize slot, hitting pegs along the way that alter its course. Plinko is an exciting game to witness in person, but now, bettors can play Plinko online.

Plinko Strategy

While Plinko is a game of chance, there are certain strategies players can follow to help improve their success rate. First and foremost, determine the bet size carefully. Plinko is a fast game that gives players multiple chances to win. Therefore, choosing a bet size that won’t deplete your bankroll is advantageous. This will allow for more rounds to be played, so always bet responsibly.
Similar to bet size, choosing the risk level is key. Most games include variances of either low, medium, or high. Setting the variance too high will allow for larger payouts, but it also can lead to bigger losses. Once again, determine your bankroll first, and then adjust.
Other tips to follow: target the higher payouts instead of the jackpot so there’s more room for error; pay attention to each drop to see how the chip bounces, taking note of where it ends up; identify multiplies on the board that could add to your potential prize; read the rules carefully before playing because not all Plinko game is created equally; and practice on a free version or with low bets to understand the game.

Plinko History

Plinko became famous on The Price is Right in the 1980s. Producer Frank Wayne is credited with introducing Plinko on The Price is Right in 1983. The game has remained one of the show’s most popular games.

Because of the notoriety, casinos began offering Plinko inside their establishments. With the rise in iGaming, many casinos now offer an online version of Plinko that customers can play.

Plinko Game Mechanics

In online Plinko, players have the ability to drop their chip in any slot at the top of the board. Upon release, the chip will fall into the board, hitting pegs that will change its direction. Players will watch their chips fall down the board until it reaches the bottom, where they will land in a prize slot. Each slot has a prize value, and the player will win that value (if any).

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