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David Seaman interview with Lucky Block

David Seaman Interview: Martinez & Onana must stop unnecessary one-handed saves; Raya & Ramsdale both under Mikel Arteta’s microscope

‘Martinez and Onana are trying to get away with one-handed saves for the cameras’

In an exclusive interview with luckyblock.com, legendary ex-Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman revealed he has spotted a flaw in Emiliano Martinez and Andre Onana’s technique that the stoppers are ‘getting away with’.

The former England ace also stated that Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is closely monitoring the Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya situation and expects the No1 to be selected on form alone.

Interview highlights:

  • Martinez and Onana are trying to get away with one-handed saves for the cameras
  • Arteta will be eyeing Raya and Ramsdale’s form more closely than ever
  • Seaman admits to being ‘nowhere near convinced’ by goalkeeper rotation plan
  • Goalkeepers celebrating saves is not something that Seaman can endorse

Martinez & Onana must stop unnecessary one-handed saves

Aston Villa goalkeeper Emi Martinez faced criticism after failing to make a regulation save against Nottingham forest because he used one hand instead of two, something Seaman believes Manchester United’s Andre Onana has also done;

David Seaman: “I saw that goal and I’ll tell you who else has been getting away with it is Andre Onana. He did a couple over the weekend and got away with it. You could easily get two hands there, control the direction of where you’re going to actually push the ball as well, not just knock it back into play. It’s a big thing that I have at Arsenal with the young goalies is to be aware of where you’re pushing the ball to.”

Raya & Ramsdale both under Mikel Arteta’s microscope

Seaman says Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta will be watching his both his goalkeepers’ form closely after David Raya flapped at another cross against Newcastle and Aaron Ramsdale conceded three at West Ham last week;

David Seaman: “I’m sure that Arteta looks at every game now. The way that he spoke about rotating the goalkeepers – he said he will play the best goalkeeper that’s on form. All we can do is wait and see. It’s a new thing. I said at the start of the season that it’ll make Aaron a better goalkeeper, which it will. But they still need to be playing their games – that’s where the difficulty is keeping both of them happy and that’s why I’m not a manager.”

Mikel Arteta’s goalkeeper rotation plan is unconvincing

Arteta has spoken about potentially substituting his goalkeeper midway through a match, a tactic that leaves Seaman scratching his head;

David Seaman: “David Raya has come in on loan and now those two are competing. Is it good for Arsenal? I would say, yeah, because we’ve got two really good goalkeepers, but you’ve got to keep them both happy. Arteta has spoken about this rotation system that he’s going to do, even rotating in games, which I’m nowhere near convinced with yet. But we’ve got to wait and see how it pans out.

“You’re always going to have uncertainty when you’ve got two good goalkeepers like that. Aaron comes off the back of last season being voted the best goalkeeper by all the players in the Premier League and then he’s benched after five games. It’ll be hard to take. It’s going to make them both better goalkeepers, but it also puts a lot of uncertainty in other people’s minds.”

Goalkeepers celebrating saves is not Seaman’s cup of tea

Seaman carried himself with an air of calm authority even in the most frantic of games during his career, so he is bemused by modern keepers such as Jordan Pickford celebrating crucial saves midway through a match:

David Seaman: “I don’t know about that. I celebrated a couple of penalty saves admittedly, but if you watch that Sheffield United save back there’s not even a smile on my face. Myself and Peter Schmeichel for example had two totally different styles – he was far more outwardly aggressive, whereas I tried to stay as calm as I could. I say to a lot of young goalkeepers, just come in and don’t pick a goalkeeper to copy, be yourself.”