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Exclusive Interview: Matt Le Tissier backs Jeremy Clarkson against BBC presenter David Attenbrough

In an exclusive interview with LuckyBlock.com, former Premier League star Matt Le Tissier has backed Jeremy Clarkson in his war of words with BBC presenter David Attenbrough over climate change.

In a wide ranging sit down the Southampton legend also spoke about his parenting of his 14 year old daughter, admitting to banning her from TikTok on the advice of politicians. 

Interview highlights:

  • Clarkson is right and Attenborough wrong on climate change debate
  • Banned his daughter from using TikTok on advice of politicians
  • Electric cars are NOT the answer to fossil fuel dilemma 

Attenborough’s nonsense claim – We’re not killing the planet 

The climate change debate has intensified since David Attenborough’s series Planet Earth III and Le Tissier is fully on the side of Jeremy Clarkson, who criticised his narrative that human beings are destroying the planet with our actions;

Le Tissier: “I think he [Clarkson] is absolutely right. Part of what I’ve done the last few years is try to shine a light on the bits of the news that the BBC, and the mainstream media won’t tell you, because there are contrasting opinions. The science isn’t settled. The science is never settled and I think Clarkson’s right. I think we shouldn’t be beaten down every minute of every day on every TV program telling us that we’re killing the planet. I think that’s absolute nonsense. I think there should be much more balanced debates on television. 

“There’s never any balance. There’s never any counter argument. Climates have always changed. Nobody’s denying that the climate is changing. So when somebody goes, ‘oh, you’re a climate change denier.’ What are you talking about? That’s just absolute nonsense talk to try and shut down debate. What we need is a reasonable debate on how much man-made climate change there is, because if you actually dive down into it the actual man-made part of it is tiny.”

Policitans told me to ban my daughter from using TikTok

Chinese phone app TikTok has courted controversy since it’s 2016 release and on the advice of politicians Le Tissier has banned his daughter’s from using it over fears that it could manipulate her thoughts;

“I’ve got a 14 year old daughter now and I’ve stopped her from using TikTok. I actually spoke to a couple of politicians who had investigated TikTok, and advised me and said, do not let your children on there – thankfully my daughter didn’t kick up too much of a stink about it. We’re trying to bring up our daughter not be consumed by social media and to get her to understand how the social media companies can manipulate your thoughts and actions.

“I think the genie is out of the bottle in terms of it is not going to go away, despite how much of a negative effect it can have. It’s very pervasive, and I think we have to teach our children the tricks that these social media companies are using to get them to manipulate their thoughts, to get them to buy stuff and to want stuff.”

There must be a better solution than electric vehicles

Vehicle emissions are another hot topic that Le Tissier shared his views on and it’s fair to say that he is not a fan of electric cars for a variety of reasons;

Le Tissier: “I think there is probably a far better solution than either of those two [fossil fuel and electricity] to be had. I think with the technology that’s still rapidly evolving, you would think that they would be able to come up with something better than electric cars; which are not great for the environment with what needs to go into each battery. 

“I think there’s probably going to be a better solution in the next few years – I think the sooner that comes, and the less reliance we have on fossil fuels, the better things will be for the planet.”