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Josh Warrington Interview

Exclusive Interview: Josh Warrington on how Fury won’t cope with Usyk’s skill level

In an exclusive interview with LuckyBlock.com, two-time world featherweight champion Josh Warrington gave his prediction on Fury Vs Usyk, with the huge unification fight just weeks away.

Leeds United fan Warrington also spoke about his team’s quest for promotion back to the Premier League and recalled the time he bumped into Ed Sheeran in the toilets at a boxing event in Dublin.

Interview Highlights:

  • Oleksandr Usyk will take Tyson Fury’s WBC belt thanks to his defensive skills
  • Daniel Farke is the man to get Leeds United back to the Premier League
  • Toilet selfie with Ed Sheeran was funny moment but he’s no Noel Gallagher

Fury won’t cope with Usyk’s skill level

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are set to meet in Riyadh in February and Warrington believes the Ukrainian will have the upper hand in what is set to be an epic heavyweight encounter; 

Josh Warrington: “It’s a clash of styles. There’s not many fighters who stand nearly seven feet tall, can move the way Tyson Fury does. With that being said, the Francis Ngannou fight has done him no credit whatsoever. He didn’t look the same, he didn’t look like Tyson Fury of old. I know Usyk is a hell of a boxer, he has got so many skills. So I have sat on the fence a few times, I’ve kind of leant towards Fury a couple of times, but at this moment in time I’m leaning towards Usyk. The size difference isn’t that big and I feel that Usyk’s boxing skills and defense is just going to be too much.”

Daniel Farke will take Leeds back to Premier League

Leeds have triumphed 3-0 in each of their first three matches of 2024 and Warrington, who is president of the Leeds supporter’s club, is hopeful that his club will bounce back to the top flight at the end of the season;

Warrington: “Daniel Farke stepped in, we made a few signings and I started thinking, alright this looks positive. All of a sudden we’ve got a squad and we’ve got better depth to the squad as well. He played about with the team for the first few games and since then it’s just skyrocketed. It’s gone really well, and we’ve been on an amazing run. There’s good energy down at the club at this moment in time. Players like Georgino Rutter, last season he wasn’t really getting a space in the squad. This year, he’s the man and he can’t miss and if we carry on the way we’re going then we’re back baby! We’ll be back in the Premier League.”

Ed Sheeran selfie was surreal but he’s no Noel Gallagher

Warrington bumped into Ed Sheeran in the toilets at Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron event and asked the star for a selfie. But he fired a dig at the singer subsequently, saying he wished it had been former Oasis song-writer Noel Gallagher instead;

Warrington: “We went over to support my gym mate Reece Moul and just like myself on fight night, I ran for a nervous pee. I walked in and Ed Sheeran came out of the cubicle. I’m not really a massive Ed Sheeran fan but I thought it’s a good picture to have. He washed his hands and I thought sod it and just asked him in the toilet, can I get a picture? He said yeah no worries. I hear it was his first boxing event and that he enjoyed it. Actually, after the fight, as we were heading back to the changing rooms, some fella tried to give him some Forged Irish Stout. Conor McGregor’s drink. It seemed like he enjoyed it from bits and bobs I’ve seen on social media, but he’s no Noel Gallagher is he?”